Wayne’s Businesses, Past and Present

This section features photos of businesses in Wayne in chronological order. These establishments cover a wide variety of different types of businesses. More will be added as time goes by.

Scene from the property of L.K. Burkett on Pennsylvania Avenue in Wayne. Burkett is Wayne’s oldest operating business, in service since 1881, and still located in its original building.
From “Suburban and Wayne Times”


Store located in the Wayne Opera House before the fire there in 1914. The store must have gained a large profit from selling “Spratt’s Dog Cakes.”
From “Radnor: A Pictorial History”


A truck from the Wayne Iron Works. This company operated on Lancaster Ave. where the Ford dealer is today.
GP Collection


The J.M. Fronefield realtor building, Lancaster avenue. Fronefield was the first tenant of the building, which is now the Gryphon Cafe.
From “Historic Wayne”


The boiler room of the Wayne Steam Heat Plant on Plant Ave.
Radnor Historical Society Collection


Car dealerships in the same building. The building was a Ford and Chevrolet dealer before becoming upscale nature store Anthropologie.
From “Radnor: A Pictorial History.”


Park Hardware, a popular Wayne institution for many years. Located on Lancaster avenue next to the Wayne Hotel.
Radnor Historical Society Collection


Looking down Lancaster Ave. in the 1940′s or 50′s. The store on the left is Wayne’s first Acme, and a Hellman’s mayonaisse truck is making a delivery. Park Hardware can be seen on the right.
Radnor Historical Society Collection


Lynam Electric Company Employees at the Main Line Golf Club May 10, 1948 for the inauguration of the Quarter Century Club.
From “Radnor: A Pictorial History”


An assortment of matchbook covers from various Wayne businesses.
GP Collection


Conestoga Hardware, corner of Conestoga and West Wayne Ave. Yes, they demolished a church at this corner for . . . this. The Radnor Baptist Church stood here, and the original school house and cemetary still remain.
Radnor Historical Society Collection


This is all that remains of Strafford Hardware, on the 750 block of Lancaster Ave. (now Topper’s Spa). The sign was kept in the back of a neighboring building since the store closed, and is now being restored.
Private Collection; GP photo


A brick office building on Lancaster Ave. This picture was used in a real estate ad when the building was up for rent.
Radnor Historical Society Collection


The Wayne Men’s shop when first built on North Wayne Ave. The store later became C.W. Agnew realtors.
Radnor Historical Society Collection


Harrison’s Department Store, just a month before closing in January, 2003. Harrison’s came to Wayne as a branch of the Ardmore store of the same name, in the 1950′s. It moved to this location in the 1960′s.
GP Photo